Naruto Chapter 642 – Read Naruto 642 Spoiler

I see the other way around, naruto 642 Read Naruto 642 Spoiler in my opinion, Tobirama reacted fast after Obito speedblitzed him and stood there like an idiot.

My point is that Minato has a much faster normal speed than Tobirama but their Hiraishin is not that far apart.

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We need someone sick and twisted like Oro to step in here and edo tensei Rin. Then stick one of those tags in her head, and have her go over and make out with half the fodder nins from the rock village while shouting out Obito’s shortcomings. Judging by Obito’s lack of reaction to Naruto & Sasuke’s combined attack, it seems attacks of that level won’t cut the mustard. He only showed surprise for an instant due to the diversion/teleportation hijinks.

Beating Obito with *force* is out of the question now. He’s become unto a god. However the plot develops, it’ll be something other than physical attacks that take him out.

Read Naruto 641 – Naruto Manga 641

Minato commented on naruto 641 – Naruto Manga 641 how intelligent Sasuke was when he was explaining something to Naruto. Naruto ‘kept up’ by quickly using Minato’s explanation of how Hiraishin works and applying it to save his life and Sasuke’s in the midst of a life or death situation. He quickly remembered that he need only been in contact with Minato’s chakra or body to be part of Hiraishin. That’s what Sasuke realized Naruto did, as well. Saving them was just part of the other topic.

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They’re made up of complete elemental fusion, representing the fact that Obito now has access to all elemental types. They’re able to to destroy, defend and create weapons. That’s pretty cool to me.

As far as why the staff is a jutsu and not an actual item, I’m not too sure. Perhaps the chakra manifested as the staff to represent/imitate what the Sage once looked like. Or, Kishi could have just made that to bring the look together.
Also why hasn’t anyone really mentioned Naruto’s epic save? That was pretty impressive since Minato only explained the methodology behind his Hiraishin once in passing and Naruto was able to exploit this knowledge to save himself and Sasuke.

Either way, I think this is easily one of the best chapters in the series.

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One Piece 716 – Luffy’s identity

A little bit disappointing One Piece 716 – Read One Piece 716 Spoiler, no action, just another intro to random characters. I wish block D won’t take so much. All in all I like this tournament, but it’s taking a bit long.
Also dafuck with that bounty hunter? How could he aproach Luffy and take his helmet without beign trashed on the place he stood? Luffy has that haki ability that can predict what his opponents are gonna do, or am I wrong? Or is it just Oda’s way of revealing Luffy’s identity?

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In saying that, the marines don’t allow pirates but there are a whole lot of them running around. There are probably only Navy’s for each country that actually have the potential to pose a threat to the Marines. That or the countries with a Navy have a deal with the government that allows them to have this power as long as the WG can use it to their advantage when needed. Kind of like the Shichibukai maybe?

Chinjao cannot brake Luffy’s helmet anymore, can he? The scarf masking him is too soft, so Luffy now can take on him with a head armament.
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