Bleach Manga 523 – Bleach 523 Isshin

Bleach 523 spoilers and Bleach 523 raw will be posted here under Bleach manga series. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as Bleach chapter 523 is available. is the top source on Bleach 523 spoiler, raw and scans. Bleach 523 pictures and summaries will also available here soon.

Bleach 523 manga

Bleach 523 manga

Sorry guys,but I must admit that I’ve not missed bleach at all,the last 2 chapters were really unbearable,that’s why I’d like to tell you my expectations: bleach should improve this year by removing useless and pseudo-comical parts. and isshin’s past should be revealed,together with some bankai…

Not surprised, since you really didn’t like the chapters the way he did and voiced your opinion about that
As a big fan of little Bleach parodies, Bleach finally has reached a balance of development and fun as of late. My sole expectation is to see that going on in the next year, as well.

Maybe no Quincy is bound to a bow, but it is just a good means to use their power. Many are using a bow because that is what they are taught, and the fact that these high level Quincy are not using one just means they are using their abilities over Reiatsu to another extent. I guess I’m trying to say is rather then being bound to using a bow and overcoming it, all Quincy have this ability just haven’t done it for various reasons, like already knowing what they were taught.

Anyways, I’m with the thought that Ichigo Zan isn’t his sword, but rather his attire. Food for thought, I’m sure others have said the same thing before, I know I have.


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