Naruto Manga 616 – Naruto 616

Naruto 616 spoilers and Naruto 616 raw will be posted here under Naruto manga series. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as Naruto chapter 616 is available. is the top source on Naruto 616 spoiler, raw and scans. Naruto 616 pictures and summaries will also available here soon.

naruto scans 616

naruto scans 616

I wouldn’t say Kakashi has below average chakra reserves, I’d say they’re average. When fighting against the Rock ninja in Kakashi Gaiden he seemed to have just as much chakra as Sasuke did without the cursed seal at the age of 13.

Kakashi use of the Sharigan causes him to burn though chakra quickly, especially when he uses MS. But that doesn’t mean he has below average chakra levels, it just means he burns through his chakra faster than normal because he uses a Kekkai Genkai not of his clan.

Furthermore, look at these two fights  Vs. Kakazu: Pulled off like 5 Rakiri’s. A Kage Bushin, multiple suitons, and tons of taijutsu and Sharigan uses and STILL had enough chakra to perfrom Kamui before Naruto arrived.

Vs. Pain: Multiple Rakiri’s, Raiton Bushin, two uses of MS before he completely ran out of chakra. And keep in mind his physical energy in both these fights would be greatly affected by all damage he took. Case and point, Kakashi has average chakra, and it only seems low because of all the chakra beasts that are around him. As for Sasuke, he certainly is reaching the upper echelon of chakra levels, he’s certainly better than above average.


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