One Piece Manga 695 – One Piece 695 Smoker

One Piece 695 spoilers and One Piece 695 raw will be posted here under One Piece manga series. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as One Piece chapter 695 is available. is the top source on One Piece 695 spoiler, raw and scans. One Piece 695 pictures and summaries will also available here soon.

one piece 695 scans

one piece 695 scans

Smoker view all current-day pirates with disdain, due to his great respeach for Roger. The only ones that he does have at least a grudging respect for, are the Strawhats. As to them fighting side-by-side, it wouldn’t be the first time(Alabasta Arc). Doflamingo’s ability is not mind control, but some kind of Parmecia-tyle Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate invisible strings.

I very much doubt that either is the case in regards to Aokiji. As you said, he was like some kind of knight for justice…true justice. So I can’t imagine someone like that involving themselves in the act of piracy. Technically a pirate and a vigilante are rather synonymous with one another.

Maybe the part of about magnetic fields came out of my mind. 😛 Yet it’s the logical explanation considering everything we have heard about sailing and log poses, isn’t it? The huge heat of the volcanos combined with the ice age directly aside of it could create enough force to turn the magnetic field not readable by Log poses. Well there could always be the reasoning that the WG chose this place because of that particular feature, but let me hope.


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