Bleach Chapter 526 Yamamoto

You can get an early Bleach 526 spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the Bleach 526 scans English version were out on Thursday.

Bleach 526 manga

Bleach 526 manga

How many times do I have to say this … Unohana WILL NOT DIE! Seriously people what the hell are you thinking? This is Bleach and with the miraculous exception of Yamamoto no good character dies in this manga, especially when sparring with another good guy…
I’m just going to quote something that somebody here posted last week (I just can’t remember who, sorry)

“Unohana will not be able to resume her duties as a captain and there is a chance she might not wake up” – Wich translated from Kubo to english means: She will back once the bad guys appear again at the latest.

Erhaps this is a possibility and perhaps Kubo’s gonna explain her bankai later on. Considering that even Byakuya had a “Farewell” said to him before and he surivived, I wouldn’t be surprised if Unohana survived too and we found out that her bankai had something to do with it.


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