Naruto Chapter 620 Chakra

You can get an early Naruto 620 spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the Naruto 620 scans English version were out on Thursday.

naruto scans 620

naruto scans 620

After 620 chapter we are finally seeing the fight. Hopefully the fight is as good as the hype. Why was Madara’s statue placed at the valley of the end? It make sense to have the first hokage but why have Madara there when he tried to kill the first and the village? Well, Taka and Orochimaru pissed their pants just by Tobirama flaring his chakra. Awesome.

I love just how even more awesome Hashirama is, being able to do what the fuck he wants because he is just too powerful for anyone to stop him.
And damn, next week Hashirama vs Madara, how can I hope for something better? Madara’s war face is awesome, he’s like a child hungry for blood. Hashirama is one of a kind and i wonder why?, what make him have mokotun and that strong present and powerful chakra..

Anybody noticed Hashirama’s dragon humanoid using that Bijudama from Kurama as a Rasengan and going for the Susano? Could this be a prelude to Minato using his Rasengan? To think all Tobirama did was lift a finger. Though there were two Chakra flares I think. One from Tobirama and another follow-up from Hashirama.


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