One Piece Chapter 699 Sabo

You can get an early One Piece 699 spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the One Piece 699 scans English version were out on Thursday.

one piece 699 scans

one piece 699 scans

Donflamingo is too old to be Sabo, he was already an adult even before Ace was born and Sabo is younger than him. If there’s someone that could probably be Sabo, I’ll bet my money on either an unintroduced character or Law himself.
I don’t think any confirmation was needed. As I said, if it’s his devil fruit it’s almost a part of his body. It’s no different that Luffy stretching his fist and striking with Haki.

But that´s still Luffy´s body really. I don´t count DF products as part of the body (unless you are Logia of course) and the fact that Haki can protect yourself from DF products/attacks of an opponent and at the same can be applied to your own DF attacks is news to me, we never got that in this form at least.

Like I said even though it was deleted even though its all laws plan I feel physically he’d never beat flamingo. If a situation presents itself I feel luffy will be the one to defeat him. Given law will fight him I just don’t see him winning different ideals. Luffys and flamingos are similar and to add kings haki into the mix and their crews I feel they’re meant to fight in the future.


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