Bleach 530 English – Orihime Inoue

Bleach 530 is out, many thank to scanlation group, click on pics bellow to start reading Bleach 530 online at or download Bleach 530 now. If you are bored from Bleach manga 530, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Bleach Chapter 530 from our huge manga collection.

Bleach 530 manga

Bleach 530 manga

That Isshin is a Shiba was obvious but it is nice to see this confirmed. Ah, Hitsugaya and Isshin are from the 10th division. More and more I am convinced that the calendar page showing Ichigo and Ishida together is hinting at things to come: It shows Hitsugaya and Ishida together in one of the corners.

It will be nice to see Aizen again. Maybe we will get some clues about how he really fits into the origin story. Gin is a welcome additions too. OK, to me Tosen is probably my least favourite character after Kon but I know he has his fans, too.

They weren’t childhood friends that was Renji. She didn’t meet Kaien until she was out of the academy and in the 13 division. It’s very possible no one spoke of Isshin or thought he was dead for whatever reasons. Isshin only makes sense after the vizards actually due to the vacancies being filled by known captains with the exception of Hits not filling in after the vizards incident. He was younger and obviously the newest captain. He was probably a third because either he didn’t quite get his bankai yet or there wasn’t really any openings. I think now a great question is who was the VC?


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