Naruto 624 English – Baiu

Naruto 624 is out, many thank to scanlation group, click on pics bellow to start reading Naruto 624 online at or download Naruto 624 now. If you are bored from Naruto manga 624, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Naruto Chapter 624 from our huge manga collection.

naruto manga 624

naruto manga 624

How many times are you going to ignore the part about them looking the information up? Tobirama tailed Hashirama. So he knew what Madara looked like. So when Butsuma says he looked it up chances are he took Tobirama and had him look through the bingo books to point out who it was. We don’t know how Izuna knew, but it was probably the same basic process from the other side.

The main point is that his own tomfoolery cannot be used as an excuse for his lack of overall intelligence. one cannot say that Gaara is only intelligent due to the fact that he did not mess around when he was a kid. As such, it’s Naruto’s own fault that he isn’t intelligent in a well rounded way. One can goof off yet be intelligent in more than one aspect.

Naruto just wasn’t when he was a kid, and that is where he and Hashirama differ. Also, I never got the deal behind inheriting personality traits from ones parents if one never knew them to begin with. It can obviously work because this is a manga. However, one’s personality is going to be shaped by their environment if they have no parental figures to guide them. They wouldn’t randomly inherit personality traits of parents they never knew. But again, I digress.


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