Naruto 624 | Read Naruto 624 Akane

The Officially announced release date of Naruto 624 is Wednesday.
The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the Naruto 624 manga scans will be posted here soon.
Watch out for the Naruto manga 624 chapter. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming Naruto 624 Spoilers.

naruto chapter 624

naruto chapter 624

Haku was the very first example, and he did it without any training at all… also in an act of patricide… Hm.
But from what Tobirama said, sensing is a weakness for Hashirama; this implies that he already has some great strength. I would guess he already can use mokuton, but probably only on the scale of what Yamato can do.

I’ve always been under the suspicion that Izuna isn’t some paragon of virtue that the scant flashbacks we’ve seen of him seem to imply. I bet he died cursing the world, and passed on the Uchiha ‘curse of hatred’ to big bro when Madara implanted his eyes. My understanding is that the ability was already within him from his mother. As opposed to how some people were able to, over time, be able to fuse two elements.

They did suspect. Hashirama outright thought to himself ‘just as I thought’ when his dad ‘revealed’ it to him, and near the end of the chapter the exchange of rocks was probably to warn each other of the same situation. If Hashi had figured out Madara’s lineage, I’m even more sure that Madara had it figured out too.


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