One Piece 702 | Read One Piece 702 Harisenbon

The Officially announced release date of One Piece 702 is Wednesday.
The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the One Piece 702 manga scans will be posted here soon.
Watch out for the One Piece manga 702 chapter. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming One Piece 702 Spoilers.

one piece 702 chapter

one piece 702 chapter

Well, currently I feel like the outcome of this arc is much too open, that even Blackbeard’s crew could show up to hunt some DF users’ powers. Therefore, that blind samurai could be either one of his crew members, a Samurai from the Wa Country who Kinemon never saw but only heard of, Fujitora or even either Kaidou or one of his combattants. Or the seventh Shichibukai which was discussed earlier by Brannew? Too many possibilities for now.

But the admiral has to join this arc too. and that doesn’t mean they will have to fight him. actually,the fact he is blind helps them cause they can escape more easily. I’m very interested in DD,though,I still wonder whether he is the main villain of this arc or if he is the boss of the whole saga (kaido can wait,that is )

Crocodile showing up would be fun too. If Blackbeard shows up to nab the Mera Mera no Mi… that’s too cruel of a punishment on Luffy. As for Fujitora, I doubt people can escape him easily because he is blind. He wouldn’t make that good of an Admiral in that case. Now, as long as noone says they are pirates, and Luffy doesn’t invite him to join his crew (LOL), I’d say they will luckily avoid confrontation with an Admiral. Or he could be sneaky, and after finding out who they are, ask to join them in order to strike at them and Doflamingo after they are together and weakened.


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