Naruto 626 Manga – Hashiramas Death

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div>naruto 626 manga

tobirama attitude is terrible but him as a character , he is awesome . Hashirama is a spur of the moment kind of guy like naruto and the brute force while tobirama is a thinking ahead kind of guy , the brains and hes probably smarter than shikaku/shikamaru , imagine if tobirama had the exact personality as hashirama , konoha probably wouldnt have been as civilized as it is and would have fallen with uchiha and senju fighting for power after hashiramas death while tobirama not being as powerful as his brother , would have been a pushover…

Great chapter! I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Madara and how things turned out, (Yes I’m a Madara fan).
I think im being ostracized from the clan he loved and just wanted to protect above all else made the chalice tip over. Once he realized that not one of his clansmen would listen to him about tobirama, he thought it would be best to create his own world where everyone could be happy together.


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