Naruto 627 Manga Spoiler Madara

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naruto chapter 627

naruto chapter 627

Hashirama did deserve his trust and I think proved why he should be trusted. It was Tobirama that was the problem. But yeah, as Itachi said, Madara began to believe he was right and relied on only himself to protect the Uchiha. Seeing as how Hashirama was the only one who could stand up to Madara and even best him, Madara could have let Hashirama kill himself and after few months turned on Senju and kill Tobirama. Though, I don’t think Tobirama would have ever been off guard, not with the Uchiha and the brother of a person that he killed. But still, I seriously doubt Tobirama could have beaten Madara anyway.

FUnnily, there’s been no one stronger than Madara and Hashirama to date. Even the FIVE kage were beaten by Madara, and the Alliance are having trouble against the evil Uchiha and Juubi. Hell, Kyuubi Naruto can’t even hurt Madara. I don’t think that’d happen, not among Konoha anyway. The only hatred Konoha ever had was for Naruto because he was the jinchuuriki of Kyuubi, who attacked the village and brought about a lot of destruction and death. Konoha seemed to have no problem getting along with Uchiha, Hyuuga, and everyone else. Gathering people into large groups seem to be bad only when there’s enemies, like Sand and Rock. People in Konoha do not seem to have any difference amongst themselves, regardless of clan or whatnot.

None. Killing the elders is the only thing he’s justified in doing, but targeting Konoha or citizens would establish him as Madara-level villain because the citizens at the least respected the Uchiha and showed it, treating them as equals and such.


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