Bleach 533 Manga Spoiler Ichigo

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bleach 533 raw

bleach 533 raw

Masaki’s arrival was not a part of aizen’s plans. i was thinking that he had planned that masaki’s entire family getting killed, masaki would reluctantly join ishida family as future bride, her persona would lead her to help isshin and sacrifice herself to hit hollow. Ichigo could run entire hueco mundo in bankai form and lost only half of his reiatsu. he is such a beast.

Masaki tanking a near-fatal blow to kill off the Hollow was cool. I wonder how she will survive after that, though. Does she have knowledge about an advanced healing technique? Otherwise, I cannot see her sacrificing herself for that cause before even trying her best. Go back to Chapter 528. Only Masaki’s shoulder was bleeding. And she said she could heal Isshin, so yes, she knows something about healing.

I think that some readers may be mistaking the fact that Ichigo is young (15-17) in the manga for his being ‘dumb.’ Ichigo is not dumb, but he has the natural inexperience and sometimes naivete of being a teen. I think it makes his character more ‘real’ to me. He is extremely powerful and needs guidance when his heart overtakes his thinking or when inexperience leads him to make rash decisions.


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