One Piece 705 Manga Spoiler Kuro

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one piece 705 manga

one piece 705 manga

We already know who is the legendary gladiator is the blind old man and also i really think that the Mera Mera will get stolen by fairies either by Zoro ordering them to steal it for luffy. Well not that we know it but it’s an iteresting possibility. Anyway, it seems to be clear that the famous gladiator will appear in this arc. It’s interesting also, to know that the tourneys are older than Dofly’s guvernment.

His arc will be more action-fight oriented than two last arcs. Just what I have been waiting for. This would be nice occasion to reintroduce capitan Kuro for example, I kind of liked him and just small detail that catched my eye when he fought Luffy- He was able to injure Luffy with his attack using hand/ leg(dont remember) so perhaps he might have Haki if Oda remembers about it. But probably he will be in picture when we will get to see Helmeppo(Kuro made his father lost hand and jaw).

Lots of new names in this chapter- its very promising! I normally try not to point new nakama but this new girl is first person that really gaves me that feel and with fire logia she would really be some force. Hope that Sanji and Zoro will get some action as good as Luffy is going to get in this arc.. Time for all out fights of our strawhats.


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