Naruto 627 Chapter Scans – Izanami

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Come to think of it, why would the Uchiha even of needed to create Izanami? I sincerely doubt that there were multiple ninja that had the Senju cells and Sharingan- meaning they couldn’t use Izanagi anyways. Sorry if this is off topic. Not to forget, Madara said he was the only one capable of seeing through Hahiramas wooden clone jutsu….i dunno if that was Madara that was actually stabbd there if he could see through this technique..

I don’t think it’s possible for Madara to have used Izanagi during the fight to escape, unless he somehow got Senju cells before this fight. Seems like Hashirama just did a half assed job and Madara escaped. Isn’t Izanagi only usable if you have “the powers of Senju and Uchiha”? (According to Tobi and Danzo).

Anyhow, the fight at the Valley of the End was pretty much one big fat facade, Madara was fighting with the intent to lose whereas Hashirama held back until the fight was near it’s end. This probably made Hashirama think Madara died for good when in truth his body was alive and conciouss, a small illusion aided by circumstances of reality would have made it impossible for Hashirama to see through Madara’s deception.


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