Bleach 534 Spoiler – Bleach 534 Kisuke

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Bleach 534 English - Page 17

Pretty much walking past a huge massive reatsu like Urahara should give you a shock if you haven’t meat many captains before, remember Isshin was her first shinigami, Urahara could easily shock her. Don’t think it’s possible to hide/Mask his reatsu when that close to him.

I’m still confused about the Hollow thing. Maybe Kisuke will explain it to Masaki… which I just realized is in Isshin’s flashback… How does he know what happened to her when he wasn’t there? Did she really tell him later about her friend’s dirty joke and things like that? Well, it could be she didn’t know him well, and if my guess about this flashback is correct, SS thinks he’s dead after this.

The only explanation I can come up with is because Isshin looks older now. Or maybe she did recognize him, but they’ve made an agreement off-screen not to speak about his past in front of others. And the chapter was good, though it raised a lot more new questions than I expected. I imagine this flashback will last as long as Turn Back The Pendulum, or maybe longer. Well, let’s wait until the next Wednesday.


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