Naruto 628 Spoiler – Naruto 628 Susanoo Battle

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Naruto 628 English - Page 15

It was said that Sasuke wouldn’t learn anything or change when he met Itachi before fighting Kabuto. But alas, it started him down the road to redemption. Said posters claimed he was so dumb/emo that speaking to the Kage would have no effect on his hatred outside of enhancing it. Instead, his need to annihilate Konoha has seemingly subsided completely.

The only question is now that a fight between Sasuke and Naruto isn’t obligated, there’s no need for a power-up on Sasuke’s end if they’re teaming up. Which is perfectly fine. Best thing that can happen now is for Naruto and Obito to warp to another battlefield while Sasuke fights Madara, pushing his Susanoo to it’s final form and giving us a Susanoo vs. Susanoo battle (we’ve already had Bijuu vs. Bijuu).

Tobi told Sasuke that the kyuubi attack was a natural disaster with nobody at fault. And he framed his argument in such a way to suggest that anybody but the great Uchiha Madara is at fault for everything bad ever.


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