One Piece 706 Spoiler – One Piece 706 Vergo

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One Piece 706 Manga - Page 18

The leaving out was referring to the connection between Law, DD, Vergo and CC. That was what Smoker promised. Soon after PH, DD resigned, leaving the WG without a clue. I think it is no coincidence that Law told Smoker that they were heading to GreenBit while the Marines appear there now.

I hope for the sake of Smoker he haven’t had to change his report in the face of the news about Mingo’s resignation. It would look not good for him. It would be better for him if he gave all the info he had from the beginning. Of course for him, it would be better but Smoker is not someone who acts for his own benefit, best example is his “tell those geezers to eat shit” at the end of Alabasta.

I was confused about it. So Smoker left out of his report the connection CC-Vergo-Mingo-Law, but said that Luffy and Law was going to Green Bit. that explains why the Marine is heading to Green Bit, and also makes of a Smoker someone who keept his promise.


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