Naruto 635 Raw | Naruto 635 Spoiler Sasuke

I get the concept: Wind makes Fire stronger. Naruto 635 But Enton isn’t a “normal” consumes whatever it lands on until there’s nothing left (or until the caster cancels it out). I believe that’s what happened to Naruto’s Rasenshuriken. The end result of this combination attack, while balanced in chakra, seemed to only take on the traits of Amaterasu and incorporated nothing from the Rasenshuriken.

naruto 635 manga
naruto 635 manga

I mean, a larger segment of the target IS burning but has the Jyuubi suffered any cellular damage from the Rasenshuriken component? Guess we’ll have to see. I guess what I mean to say is: Sasuke should be able to create fires on that scale without Naruto’s help. Hell, even if he can’t, Amaterasu would simply grow in size as it consumed the target. I think this would have been a little more “spectacular” if Sasuke used a regular Katon technique instead of Enton. Still it was pretty cool to see Sasuke and Naruto combining forces like this.

FRS like Rasengan doesn’t need a seal..just requires shape and nature manipulations….that’s why it’s weird. But considering how huge that RS is, then the seal could mean the short clapping Naruto did to pull great chakra concentration to prepare that RS whose ball shape is almost as big or bigger than Gamakichi’s face.

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