One Piece 712 Raw | One Piece 712 Spoiler Usopp

You hurt me deep Ussop. You really hurt me. One Piece 712 We were so close to seeing Robin naked. So freaking close. But you had to “save the day”. What about my wants and dreams? Huh? What about me? I wanted to see Robin stripped for so long. It was so close. But, you just…I can’t speak of it anymore I need to move on…maybe one day…

one piece 712 manga
one piece 712 manga

Anywho, great chapter. Things are hitting the fan faster than anticipated. I also think that Doflamingo concocted a plan along with the marines, if they are even in cahoots together. I also wonder how Sanji discovered the plan or if that is even Sanji in the first place. Looks like Usopp had found formidable allies again. Not that just that the Dwarfs believed Usopp’s tall tales but he’s also the man that they needed the most, an expert in making and using weapons. I guess that this Arc will be similar to the Ennies Lobby.

Dude that’s amazing, mainly when we know it’s OP And the one at the right looks like the chef/older dwarf in this chapter.  But the word “dwarf” is bothering me when I read dwarf, I, always, think about dwarfs like in The Lord of The Ring or Game of Thrones. And in this chapter they look like more little men than dwarfs to me. So I think the word dwarf is wrong.

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