Read Bleach Manga 542 Chapter | Orihime Inoue

Absolute cheesy garbage, Bleach 542 I’m sorry I did not like this chapter at all. The Isshin/Masaki arc was interesting and at least entertaining, this last chapter was a waste of paper. Ichigo beat the crap out of super Aizen with only the unsuppressed part of his power. I feel sorry for anyone who would go against a fully powered Ichigo, Bach included. It’ll probably be an ownage worse than FGT Ichigo vs. Aizen. Poor Aizen.

bleach 542 manga
bleach 542 manga

All this efforts and planning to attain ultimate power, when in the end everything was already pre-destined at birth. Yeah, why do the other ‘heroes’ waste their time? Even the most powerful of them are probably only 1% at best of Ichigo’s power, just let Ichigo destroy the rest of the big baddies without getting a scratch. Everytime you think his power can’t get more ridiculous, it does and much more than thought possible.

I would say it’s more like Throne’s game wall (like a wave, controlling reiatsu), i searched for Ichigo doing it (because he did it with ulquiorra), but scans are poor, and only anime has hd quality, which resembles the thing Isshin did ‘that’ chapter. However Isshin throws a Getsuga Tenshou toward Aizen.

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