Read Naruto Manga 635 Chapter | Dosu Kinuta

He’s acting like Naruto 635 Dr. Doom because they are at war. Why is that so hard for everyone to grasp? They might all die, why the hell should he explain himself and try and gain trust now if they could all be dead in minutes? Bigger fish to fry atm than having a pow wow about trust.

naruto 635 manga
naruto 635 manga

Even though that based from what we saw it shouldn’t make any difference against the Jyuubi right now, I’m disappointed by the fact that the Rikudo’s fan (held by Tenten) didn’t play a bigger role in any single way, like Naruto taking since it seems he is the only one alive who can handle the cost. (aside the ET) This could have been an interesting weapon in his case in general since.

I doubt very much that Naruto is the kind of ninja who would gain or even bother to learn other elements and/or it could have been a key to something critical as the Sage’s tool against the big monster at least. And because, honestly, I’m kinda bored with Naruto’s current fighting style. Hopefully I’ll see more stuff with the frogs at least.

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