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Clearly by DD and by the WG, One Piece 712 because who is or who is not a Warlord is defined by the pirate in question and the WG. Technically the Marine doesn’t have anything to do in that definition. Consequently, CP0 (WG unid) and DD are in Green Bit. but also Fujitora is heading to Green Bit. Here, I wonder if he knows or not about the hidden agreement between DD and WG. Thought possible, I guess he doesn’t.

one piece 712 manga
one piece 712 manga

If Fujitora and Akainu knows it, then they decided to lie to the Vice Admirals, and I don’t see a reason for such a lie. Neither have I seen a reason for Oda to mislead in such a way to his readers. But of course, the fact that I don’t see a reason there could simply means that later the story will tell the reason.  Anyhow, the fact is that we ignore why Law´s plan required the resignation by Doflamingo. It’s something not stated yet.

That reason is clearly behind Law’s potential idea that, given that DD didn’t quick he has to do something different than fighting DD and running away of Green Bit (because it’s clear that in his original plan he should have to fight him).  Most of the conjectures we can form here are based on assumptions about important details of Law’s plan we still ignore. But I suppose that’s precisely a sign of a good story: to not be predictable and to make us wonder about what happens next.

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