Bleach 543 | Bleach 543 Spoiler Yamamoto

Fourth, Bleach 543 i belive that the reason why there is one smaller sword is because it is for fine tasks and not brute fighting, it represents the cool and in controll stile of OM prety well, and there had to be a reason why ichigos fullbring was a short sword after all, now that i took a closer look at it i think it is cool. Engetsu and Zangetsu will not be Flame type Zan’s its exclusive to Yama and why make more fire type when he just killed the ‘God’ of any fire type.

bleach 543 manga
bleach 543 manga

Its better to leave with a high rather then bring a lower level of fire type zan’s because no matter how much anyone says that Engetsu and Zangestu are fire types they will never be able to touch the power of the damn sun. Gawd people. If Ichigo had a half-black blade before in Shikai when his zanpakuto/hollow was being held back, what about the Gotei 13’s zanpakutos? Plenty of them have blades that are half-black like that. Does this mean that the black metal is the suppressed hollow part? Every Shinigami in SS seems to have an inner Hollow after all it seems..

If it where that easy, i dont think ichigos blade being black has to do with having hollow powers, its simply that its part of his style, thats all, besides that, even if the color has to do with his hollow powers, it certainly doesnt mean that it will be this way for everyone, this particular black/white thing may be s rule that has to do with ichigos own powers, besides that, hollows are of all colors if i remember correctly, and ichigos blackness comes a lot from ywach and his shadow thing, his blade also is half black just like ichigos.

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