Naruto 636 | Naruto 636 Spoiler Bijuu

I guess I’m a liar Naruto 636 cause I think the 8tails relationship with Bee specifically proves that a bijuu can be an influence and a force for good because they work together as a one. But lets say if Sasuke decides he needs to put down Kyuubi and 8 to secure peace is he gonna rip them out of their host and kill them or kill the host with bijuu since doing with results in the same outcome they host dies. If you go down that road where is the boundaries that say you cant kill x just to secure the peace.

naruto 636 manga
naruto 636 manga

Sasuke would become just like Danzou and the Elders when the killed his clan. Sasuke’s goal of hokage can be called just as selfish as Naruto’s. Sasuke wants to protect the leaf not because of his love for the country but because Itachi would protect the Leaf. So he’ll change the ninja system into one of his own making. Just like Naruto wanted to be hokage to be acknowledge now he wants it to protect the leaf, his friends and change the ninja system because he wants to end the cycle of hate. Which of these is more selfish then selfless boils down to personal taste in characters at this point.

Theres nothing about his plan that suggested in being nice to the juubi, where are you even getting that idea from. Before we even get specifics we cant compare how risky it would be to remove the bijuu versus how risky it is to fight it as is. As of now the only thing defending the juubi at close range is a bunch of puddy patrol that Naruto and Sasuke just plowed thru.

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