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Dwarves are master of plants. One Piece 712 That’s the reason of Green Bit particular design; and I wonder if they have something to do with the bull-fish schools around the island, since plants and fishes serve the same purpose to hide their kingdom. Now it’s clear there have been some exchange between Doflamingo and them; and Doflamingo seems to have being tolerant with their existence in his island. More questions rise here to be answered in the flashback about Dressrosa.

one piece 712 manga
one piece 712 manga

I would like to have a reference to the text in which he was planning on having a dwarf expert in plants as a member of the crew, in his original concept of it. Going over it, also Ussop is an expert on plants, and I don’t think we will have two experts on the same matter as members of the crew. Instead of that, their relation with Ussop could be the whole background behind their story. As goldb pointed, the comedy side here is pretty well accomplished. Oda has managed to join a bunch of gullible little soldiers with that master of lies.

I honestly don’t see how DD didn’t quit the Shichi. There were newspapers everywhere talking about it, and the same chapter it said (as like a narrator’s note) that Dressrosa was in an uproar. Doflamingo might’ve told the WG he’d fake leaving the Shichi to help them catch Luffy, who declared war against them, but it was directly Law himself who set up the Marine’s arrival to Green Bit. And that really wouldn’t explain Dressrosa being completely calm and still calling Doffy a king.

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