Bleach Manga 544 – Read Bleach 544 Spoilers Ishida

What do you mean Bleach 544 by quincy like powerup? Ichigo has actual quincy powers and one of his zangetsu’s represents very specifically quincy powers as a whole. So basically ichigo already got a quincy like powerup at large. What I would question is ichigo having two special techniques.

bleach 544 manga
bleach 544 manga

Well, consider what we have seen with the quincy so far. Ishida used the final form, which is basically an outdated volstandig, and the name issue did not come up even once. If the name was as important to quincy as it is to shinigame then ishida would not have even been able to use the form. More so, volstandig is as far as we know not an inherent ability of quincy.

The final form was induced and quilge’s volstandig also appeared to be induced by a glove. Unless the glove is like a zampakuto then I don’t see how volstandig as a whole can be that inherent to quincy. More so, as far as special quincy techniques go what we have are things like “the jail”, “the overkill”, “the question”, “the yourself” and so on…. And we know the letters at least are assigned by juhabach. The manga has even implied it is juhabach who asigns abilities (although that might be a reference to juhabach being the progenitor of the quincy).

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