Naruto Manga 637 – Read Naruto 637 Spoilers Bijuus

The idea of Exile Naruto 637 isn’t so bad if the place they are exiled to isn’t some kind of desolate nothingness. An alternate realm of some sort of paradise with just animals, or another planet that is like a version of earth with no humans is an option. Again, I think giving each Biju the ability to fly and explore the galaxy isn’t a bad idea.

naruto 637 manga
naruto 637 manga

These things are immortal, so if they have to search 100 years for the perfect place to live out eternity then so be it. So Bijuus are now being compared to animals who actually contribute to the cycle of life and balance in Nature? Funny Fellas. Why take into account the three previous wars, Raikage’s statements that Jinchuriki are nothing but weapons for nations/villages, and the fact that all villages conducted espionage and terrorized other villages for Bijuus?

Eliminating Madara and Obito will not solve anything in the long run, as both of them are only responsible for this 4th Ninja war. I cannot believe facts are being ignored this way to pile pointless hate on Sasuke. What hate? Stop being so sensitive. I didn’t write this, Kishimoto-san did. Sasuke is the final bad guy, stop crying about it.

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