Bleach 544 | Bleach 544 Scans Quincies

You can also see it this way Bleach 544 , save a love, save a friend, save your mother, the 3 possible relationships with the opposite sex, which matches along with Ichigo’s 3 key powers. How each power symbolises with each Ichigo has rescued or has to rescue is up for another debate, for example how Orihime was in the “Lust Arc”, symbolism which could point towards them never ending up being together, while others may see it differently.

bleach 544 manga

bleach 544 manga

All in all, will Ichigo venture into Quincy lands to invade it to save his Mother, should he learn about her being there? According to Juha’s words this chapter, it will take a while, a short while but still a while, for Uryu’s powers to awaken and thus starting the next invasion, and this could give Ichigo time to invade the Quincies. Might say that he will stay at the Royal Guards to train, but Ichigo never liked training, he always just rushed into things half finished training.

So Renji, Rukia, Byakuya and Ichigo invading the Quincy palace, I wonder how that would even play out if it ever came to be, and how exactly would the Royal Guards react to this? Would they allow it? Is it possible to leave the Royal Dimension without their permission? But if it came out this way, then they would probably team up with Urahara, Chad and Orihime who already are in Hm where the Quincy palace is supposed to be hidden.’

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