Naruto 637 | Naruto 637 Scans Hokages

Yes, i agreed, Naruto 637 Obito is an example of how overuse of one single tech could bring to your own ruin, since he learned Kamui i doubt he even ever tried to dodge anything, he was just standing and letting things go trough him, once this cheat mode got off, he got instapwnt.

naruto 637 manga

naruto 637 manga

And everyone remembered his meeting against Minato..dood, Minato owned him in 30 secs, about what “fight” are you talking here? Well Hashirama DNA is something which can not be neglected. Besides he is currently being controlled by Black Zetsu so Lasting a while longer wont be a problem for him. But seriously what’s truly unacceptable is him losing in a Taijutsu battle (Only Ninjutsu used was Raikiri).

The Edo Tensei Hokages got the benefit of unlimited chakra and by having Obito use Rinne Tensei and revive every corpse in the area they essentially lose the thing that let’s them keep the Juubi at bay for as long as they want. Now it will be the mortal Rinnegan/Mokuton Madara+Juubi against the mortal 4 previous Hokages.

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