One Piece 713 | One Piece 713 Scans Fujitora and Akainu

Re-reading the One Piece 713 chapter-Is the false report Fujitora and Akainu reffering to DD resigning, or were we made to think so? I’m Just putting it out there that there could be a chance that they are reffering to the info supplied by Smoker in his report about PH. Let’s be honest, any predictions at this point are useless.

one piece 713 manga

one piece 713 manga

There’s just so much we don’t know and so many ways things could go down. Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that we’re gonna look at the OPverse in a whole new way once this arc is over? There’s a avalanche of information coming down the hill, and I for 1 can’t wait to be crushed by it! The most surprising plot twist in this chapter was not the fact that DD is a noble of some kind but that Sanji didn’t get murdered thanks to his undying love for women.

I totally agree. I believe the full force of marines is a lot to fear for, equal to a yonkou. If doflamingo was blackmailing the gorusei, it wouldnt have worked since they can easily. about sanji vs trebol, Surely that will happen. Zoro will fight the other family captains too. True, but the WG govt backing is quite a thing. Anyways, my point was basically, law’s miscalculations biggest result is thinking doflamingo has to fear the admirals or kaidou. Even if kaidou was against him, his own force matched up with the admirals should have been easy to take down. Luffy and Law are planning to for that matter.

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