Naruto 637 | Naruto 637 Raw the Mokuton

Right Kishimoto, Naruto 637 it’s not like Obito has the Mokuton or is fast enough to keep up with Minato, it’s just that Kakashi got the power of friendship to “KISHIF***YOU NO JUTSU” the last Akatsuki alive. Did Obito ever heard of training? Looks like the sucker slacked back on Kamui ever since he fought Minato and didn’t bother to try and learn how to let’s say “SHINRA TENSEI” the crap out of others.

naruto 637 manga
naruto 637 manga

At least now the plot can finally move foward and thank God the Rinne Tensei will cut the super regeneration bullshit from Edo Tensei. Enough of resurrection powers, that goddamn Edo Tensei wrecked the plot entirely, at least now both Madara and the past Kages will be normal people who can die for good. So Madara is controlling Obito through the part of Zetsu he implanted in him; good work Madara, that’s what a true villain would do. There isn’t much to say about this chapter, I just hope that Obito won’t become good again; he must die as he is.

This chapter was so stupid. Kakashi shouldn’t even be close to Obito’s level; Obito should be able to wreck him with casual ease. Somehow he manages to revert to some useless kid, just ridiculous. And I’m not sure how Madara thinks this is going to work out or what his exact plans are, but if he revives himself he is going to be a lot easier to deal with for the Allied Forces.

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