Bleach 546 English – Shunsui in The Real World

Shunsui in the real world! Read Bleach 546 online on your PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or android for free. Bleach 546 English Scans was out. He better go visit his bro Isshin Can’t speculate what he will do or say, but glad hes back in the picture. Good info on Byakuya as well, he stayed in the water longer than anyone. He must have some serious power to replenish. I always knew he was still alive. People thinking he was dead jumped the gun, characters have survived being cut in half before! Not many mentioned the Vizards making their reappearance. Love, Hachi and Lisa haven’t been around in a while.

bleach manga 546

I just noticed that Renji’s still wearing the torn up clothes he had on before, and it looks like Rukia is too. So whatever Shutara’s doing with them she apparently hasn’t done it yet. Maybe whatever happens in her palace and Ichibei’s are part of the same procedure? Might be that she takes their measurements and what clothes she actually tailors for them depends on their performance at the next place.

Kubo loves to tease, and he teased with Ichigo’s fullbring suit, I mean come on, do you seriously think Kudo was serious about letting Ichigo have that kind of custome? It was clearly a joke, and sure enough, Kubo did admit in an interview that he was teasing with the Power Ranger looking suit for Ichigo. Kubo likes to tease and troll his fans, as for Byakuya’s death, this can be the exactly same thing. Kubo might even enjoy having the fans rage, and could in theory do this on purpose, that’s a third option of possibility.


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