Naruto Chapter 639 – God of Shinobi

Hashirama receiving much hype Naruto 639 Manga is out now! You can get an early naruto 639 spoilers, but one-shotted by Juubito, does not negate his greatness, does not diminish the power he was described for, nor provides crap.
Instead the author just wants to portray the freaking power of anyone who attains the ‘Juubi Jinchuuriki’ spot, that even the so-called ‘God of the Shinobi’ couldn’t cope up.

naruto manga 639

What would be BS if Juubito had a hard time hitting his opponents directly facing him, leaving a question to his newly acquired Rikodou-like powers!
Literally he’s the second Rikodou, so him making these feats isn’t surprising. It’s even more consistent.

I don’t care if Obito took out the barrier. For him to take out two of the one most powerful characters of the manga out with ease is ridiculous. How many times have seen in Naruto where characters who are far more powerful be challenged by weaker opponents? Remember when Hinata stopped one of the Jubbi’s hands from crushing her with the 64 palm strike? Or how about Sasuke challenging Killer Bee when he was far weaker?

Hashirama said that Obito is more powerful but to be taken out in a single blow was probably a clone. Hashirama and Torbirama knew Obito was more powerful, so by setting in a clone they can gauge his power. Two of the most powerful Hokages being taken out conveniently on the last page spell clone. Kishi was never good at holding suspense and this looks like a typical switcheroo.


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