One Piece 715 Scans – Block C Battle Continue

What we know about Bartolomeo? One piece 715 spoilers and one piece 715 raw will be posted here under one piece manga series. He looks like a freaking animal and yet his df is barriers, so no zoan. He is a well known rookie under someone’s command, most likely a yonko, since its new world. He is unlikely connected to revolutions, cause he is an actual pirate and an arrogant one. I strongly believe I haven’t seen him before this arc.

one piece manga 715

Luffy didn’t recognize him or his power, but its a weak spot, cause luffies memory suck hard.
All in all I think the logical case would be: he works under BM/kaido, and Luffy somehow affected his life before, like he could have escaped impel down thanks to Luffy.
I tried to remember somebody with lionlike look, the only guy is buggies subordinate also pekoms, but his case is zoan.

PS I reread Barto part again and I guess his “He and I go way back…” Might mean he intends to capture/make ,Luffy literally go with him somewhere or to someone, or am I totally wrong?
By the way how did Dofla know Bellamy lost and gave him command to kill Luffy when he is on the other island catching meteorites and shit?


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