Bleach Chapter 547 – Hikifune and Byakuya

It’s fine by me if Kubo takes Read Bleach 547 – Bleach Chapter 547 a long break.I just hope that the Bleach lasts for like 4 years and Editors don’t force Kubo to rush it.The recent chapters have been lot more interesting.It’s really awesome that Vandenreich have the technology to switch Sereitei and their own region around.

bleach 547

I suppose it’s in his personaliy to take risk and gamble, after all, his ability is shadows and games, it seems to mirror him.
Apparently it gives him a weakness as a leader, similar to his ability, Shunsui takes risks, he’s never sure that he’ll win, he may not follow the best strategies, he’s a gambler.
A gambler may loose everything, but they may also have a chance of winning everything.

Thinking about it, this might be a really good downfall for Shunsui, he proably won’t stay as a CC, whether he dies or not I think is uncertain, but a gambler is not a Leader.
A Leader needs to have an overview of everything, and from that, make the best choices.
Shunsui seems to have the overview, but he isn’t taking the best choices, he’s gamling instead.
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