One Piece 716 – Luffy’s identity

A little bit disappointing One Piece 716 – Read One Piece 716 Spoiler, no action, just another intro to random characters. I wish block D won’t take so much. All in all I like this tournament, but it’s taking a bit long.
Also dafuck with that bounty hunter? How could he aproach Luffy and take his helmet without beign trashed on the place he stood? Luffy has that haki ability that can predict what his opponents are gonna do, or am I wrong? Or is it just Oda’s way of revealing Luffy’s identity?

one piece 716 manga

In saying that, the marines don’t allow pirates but there are a whole lot of them running around. There are probably only Navy’s for each country that actually have the potential to pose a threat to the Marines. That or the countries with a Navy have a deal with the government that allows them to have this power as long as the WG can use it to their advantage when needed. Kind of like the Shichibukai maybe?

Chinjao cannot brake Luffy’s helmet anymore, can he? The scarf masking him is too soft, so Luffy now can take on him with a head armament.
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