Naruto 688 Raw – Jinchuuriki and a Bijuu

I realize very well the difference between ta Jinchuuriki and a Bijuu, However Naruto 688 the HYPE regarding Kaguya and the Juubi is not matching well with the reality.

BZ did not say that Kaguya was getting exhausted, he said that She was running low on Chakra. How can you run low on chakra which is being provided from A GOD, the progenitor, or “The God Tree” (which is the Hype we were sold)…. come on now, to where she is forced to her knees in the same way that Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Obito , and Sakura were? I had expected more awesomeness and invincibility from the Juubi’s jinchuuriki (a more complete Juubi, unlike Obito’s Juubi).

naruto manga 688

naruto manga 688

A few month ago. I said that uzumaki was closer to indra instead of Ishura. According the manga, Harogomo had two son. It was also stated that Uzumaki is far descendent of Senju(Ashura). The Uzumaki side of Indra are Obito and Shisui. I assume that their sharigan mutation or mangekou are sealed within them. They are more absolute;their eye doesn’t lose the light. The uzumaki side of Ashura naruto, Nagato, Karin. Also, Harogomo gave birth Nishuu by studying his brother. I expect Hamura to be gifted in kekei genkei descendent(kinamaro, Haku, Kurenia)I accept that there may be a chance that The Uzumaki could have some Indra in them, but if I were to hypothesize this, I’d want to provide some reason for the hypothesis. But Why should we stop at Indra, Why not include even Hamura too?

As I see it, it is just as likely that the Uzumaki are related to Hamura and Ashura (by Funky Cousin Marriage), since they have traits that are extraneous to both Ashura and Indra, and the only other possible extra source would have to be from Hamura’s line.


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